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Divided Landscape

Title: Divided Landscape
Dates: Oct 16 2014 – Nov 7 2014
Opening Reception : October16, Thursday, 7pm
Meet & Talk: October 25, Saturday, 4pm
Speakers : Kyusung Jo(artist), Hyung-Geun Park(artist), Pyung-Jong Park(Critic)
Venue: gallery zandari, 370-12, Seoky-dong, Mapogu, Seoul, Korea

New Moon, 2014, Pigment Print, 100x200cm

Kyu-Sung Cho¡¯s solo exhibition introduces his two artwork series. First, series, in which the artist took photographs of soap bubbles against the backdrop of nature while he was travelling in Europe. Second, series, just like the exhibition title.

Voice of Wind 2, 2014, Pigment Print, 100x100cm

Moonlight 1, 2014, Pigment Print, 95x100cm

Although soap bubbles in his series look as if they were composed images, but in fact he photographed them on the spot when he was travelling around European countries, including Germany, Poland and Britain, from 2007. The bubbles, which appear in various colors and forms and then disappear in an instant, have more fantastic features than any other objects in the world. Cho captured the instant moments of the bubbles that cannot exist permanently in reality and fixed them in a real space through photography. The shiny surface creates a boundary between inside and outside and sheds light on the world acting as a mirror. The fragile boundary between inside and outside is included in the landscape, while it ironically embraces the landscape at the same time. For the bubble that mirrors the world by being faced with the outside world completely, the surface and the boundary – the contact points of encounter – represent its identity. The light soap bubbles, consisting of thin film, float and travel around the world freely. The bubble – the only artificial object in the photographs – divides landscape into inside and outside, and also plays as a medium that connects the two sceneries.

#22, 2013, Pigment Print, 120x150cm

#21, 2013, Pigment Print, 120x150cm

Meanwhile, in the series, Cho put together the photographs of the Jeju ocean and the sky over Mt. Baekdu on a canvas so as to re-connect nature divided and demarcated by historical and political situations. He took pictures of the sky and the ocean, from top to bottom of land, while visiting Mt. Baekdu and Jeju Island, which symbolize the southern and northern tips of the Korean Peninsula respectively. Then, he combined them together onto a photographic paper, creating a real but also unreal landscape. The landscape includes not only the external aspect of nature, but also the particular situation and location of the space. However, the space shown in his work does not clearly give the specific geographical clues of the Jeju ocean and the sky over Mt. Baekdu. Rather, it focuses more on magnificent moments of what nature shows: texture and color of air, layers and grain created by waves in the sea and various aspects of nature that changes depending on the time of the day (and night). This seems to transcend the problems of times and reality.

#36, 2013, Pigment Print, 120x150cm

#28, 2013, Pigment Print, 120x150cm

In this exhibition, and both portray natural sceneries through the lens that the artist captured while travelling around different places. The place in his photographs represents a place for meaning rather than in a political sense, and also a metaphorical place rather than in a geographical sense. Nature, the background of is a border area, where nature remains intact, as well as a boundary and a place for journey. poses a question about human behavior – desire to segment and own land – through the encounter (combination) of the two sceneries that cannot come across in reality. In addition, the artist chose analogue photographic techniques in order to deliver nature as it is and shows a contrast and also a strange harmony of natural and artificial elements by adding artificial effects. He observes nature through the artificial means of the camera (lens), and his photographs hold the viewpoint of a poet who reflects on life as a whole in a particular place.


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